First Look at Corey Feldman in Sunday Night Slaughter

This summer, Corey Feldman has embarked on an epic tour that is surprising naysayers and wowing longtime fans as he performers his latest double LP live with his band Corey’s Angels. But the former teen idol hasn’t given up on acting altogether. And he even took a bit of time out of his busy schedule to appear in the upcoming horror anthology The Sunday Night Slaughter, which appears to be heading towards a Halloween release date, if we’re all that lucky. Writer and Director Edward Payson shared a new behind-the-scenesRead More

Corey Feldman Talks New Album, Sex Cults & 80s Movies

An actor since the age of three, any true fan of Corey Feldman recognizes that he likes to assume slightly different personas whenever doing interviews, depending on the outlet he’s talking to. Sometimes he fully gives himself, especially when talking about more serious issues like the rampant child abuse in Hollywood. Sometimes you get the heightened pop star who is excited about his new album Angelic 2 the Core. Sometimes he goes completely off the rails, as he did in a recent episode of Celebrity Wife Swap, where he isRead More