Big Trouble In Little China Is Getting A Sequel, But No…

Written by Big Trouble in Little China director John Carpenter and Borderlands 2 scribe Anthony Burch, with Jorge Corona handling the illustration, Big Trouble in Little China: Old Man Jack will explore Jack Burton’s “final ride” in the Pork Chop Express. Taking place in the year 2020, it is literally Hell on Earth, and Ching Dai has declared himself ruler of all existence. The sixty-year-old Jack is living out his in a corner of Florida only talking to his broken ham radio, but one day that little gadget finally picks up a message, and it’s from someone who knows how to defeat Ching Dai. With that new glimmer of hope, he’ll jump back into action and set out to destroy the god that David Lo Pan tried to appease decades earlier. This will be an ongoing series, and according to Screen Rant, the first story arc will consist of four issues and see Jack reuniting with a “familiar not-so-friendly face” (maybe a resurrected Lo Pan?).

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