The Jake Gyllenhaal Taking Over As Batman Rumor Is Back

One thing worth remembering about this report is the fact that it hasn’t been substantiated yet. The folks at Warner Bros. and DC have not publicly confirmed whether or not Jake Gyllenhaal is genuinely in the running to step in for Ben Affleck as The Caped Crusader, which means all of this remains hypothetical for the time being. Having said that, this latest report does seem to line up with other recent rumors about a possible recasting taking place, so it seems feasible enough to take seriously. Source link قالبRead More

Where Ben Affleck Might Make His Final Batman Appearanc…

Regardless, Ben Affleck’s eventual departure is sure to be disappointing for DC fans. His scarred and hardened version of Batman was the true saving grace of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and he’s got the natural charm that fits perfectly for Bruce Wayne. Unfortunately, the mixed response to BvS, Suicide Squad, and Justice League may have scared off the actor/director. There have been tons of theories regarding who should replace him in the role, with the current fan favorite being Jake Gyllenhaal. Source link قالب وردپرس

Wait, The Batman Might Not Be Set In The DCEU After All…

We haven’t seen a full-blown Batman solo movie since The Dark Knight Rises rounded out Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy back in 2012, and the wait for Matt Reeves’ take on The Caped Crusader has become one of the most daunting challenges for many DC fans. There’s a lot of anticipation for the film, with a series of ever-changing developments and announcements keeping us from getting a proper read on the situation. Now it looks like things have once again become even more confusing, as new reports related to Matt Reeves’Read More

The Batman Takes Place Outside of the DCEU Timeline?

Matt Reeves’ The Batman is looking like it will very much be its own thing and stay out of the current DCEU timeline. Additionally, it looks like Ben Affleck will be exiting the role after either Flashpoint or Suicide Squad 2. There have been a lot of rumors swirling around The Batman movie over the last handful of months, but this report seems to be some of the more believable reports that have started to pop up. Matt Reeves revealed at the end of December that he had not evenRead More

Scooby-Doo & Batman Preview Brings Mystery Inc. to Arkh…

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment has released a new clip and two new photos for Scooby-Doo & Batman: The Brave and The Bold, which fans can pick up on DVD and Digital HD starting today. The ultimate crime-solving combination reunites when Batman joins the Mystery Inc. gang to catch a gaggle of villains wreaking havoc, one of whom is Edward Nygma, a.k.a. The Riddler. This clip features Batman (Diedrich Bader) revealing that he had no idea The Riddler was involved with Professor Milo, as Velma (Kate Micucci) stats they have toRead More

The Batman Has a Story, But There’s No Script Yet

The Batman director Matt Reeves says that he’s still working on the story for the movie and has yet to start writing a script. Reeves has been a busy man over the course of the last year. He directed and released the critically acclaimed War for the Planet of the Apes, announced that he was working on The Batman, and just recently announced that he has partnered up with Netflix in a historic deal. However, many believed that the director would have at least started the script for the upcomingRead More

See What Jake Gyllenhaal Could Look Like As Batman

There’s also a matter of longevity in the role. At 37-year-old, Jake Gyllenhaal could realistically debut under the cape and cowl before his 40th birthday, if the folks at DC decide to work double time and recast Ben Affleck quickly. With Gyllenhaal almost a full decade younger than Affleck, he could stay in the role as Batman for some time without fear of aging out — which, for a highly-physical character like Batman, is always a significant concern. Source link قالب وردپرس

The Batman Director Matt Reeves Signs Deal with Netflix

Netflix is continuing to take bold steps. The streaming company has made a pretty significant move forward by landing a first look deal with A-list director Matt Reeves (The Batman, War for the Planet of the Apes). The deal also includes Reeves’ production company, 6th and Idaho, and it will give Netflix the first look rights at any feature movies that Matt Reeves wants to direct or produce. Reeves previously held the same type of deal with Fox and now he’s taking a chance with Netflix, which could see moreRead More

Batman Solo Director Matt Reeves Is Latest Director To …

It is fascinating that a company that started by mailing DVDs to people’s houses then turned to streaming and creating original shows, and now it is becoming a major player in the movies realm. Just yesterday, we reported on a trailer for Netflix’s action-comedy, Game Over, Man! and now the company has snagged a deal with one of Hollywood’s most in-demand filmmakers and his production company. Netflix believes that even though its series are the bread and butter, having movies is also very important. Of course, these sort of bigRead More

Why Christian Bale Hasn’t Watched Ben Affleck’s Batman …

Warner Bros.’ Justice League marked the third DCEU appearance for Ben Affleck as Batman, following his debut in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and a brief cameo in Suicide Squad. When Batman v Superman was first announced, many had hoped that Christian Bale would return as The Dark Knight, but that never happened, and since saying goodbye to the Batman character, Christian Bale revealed in a recent interview that he hasn’t yet seen his successor’s work. Here’s what the actor had to say in a recent interview. “I haveRead More