Benedict Cumberbatch Broke a Big Marvel Rule on Infinit…

Benedict Cumberbatch pulled a no-no on the set of Avengers: Infinity War. Yes, the man behind Doctor Strange broke a cardinal Marvel rule, but he’s living to not only laugh but also tell about it. Sort of. He won’t give anyone the specifics, but he is one of the few to have read the entire script for the epic sequel. Even though he definitely wasn’t supposed to. Marvel is keeping all Infinity War secrets closely guarded. So much so that directors Joe and Anthony Russo kept the full script outRead More

Final Avengers: Infinity War Poster Pays Off In a Big W…

Around 6am pacific coast time, the entire earth shook as Marvel and Disney launched the full-length trailer for Avengers: Infinity War. And it was a moment worth waiting for that payed off in a big way. And now, to culminate that experience, we have the final payoff poster for this epic undertaking, and it will take your breath away. This isn’t so much the ‘final’ poster that we’ll see for Infinity War, as there will be plenty of one-sheets, Avengers character posters and foreign takes on the art over theRead More

12 Big TV Shows That Need To Be Saved From Cancellation…

It’s that time of the year where TV fans are getting butt cramps from being perched on the edge of their seats, waiting to hear if their favorite TV shows have been renewed or cancelled. Cable and streaming have obviously changed that game a bit, without being tied to traditional TV seasons, but little has changed in the broadcast network world. As such, the daylight savings time change usually brings about more nervousness than ever that all our beloved series could be going away forever. Here, we’re both celebrating someRead More

First Jersey Shore Family Reunion Trailer Is One Big Ho…

It’s back, bitches! One of the most ribald guilty pleasures of all times will soon grace us with its presence once again, as MTV is set to dive back into drunken nights and hungover days with Jersey Shore Family Reunion. After a few previously released teasers, we finally have our first extended trailer for the most valuable revival on cable, so get your T-shirts and start watching. It’s been nine years since Jersey Shore debuted on MTV, and six years since it bowed out after six seasons. But time hasn’tRead More

Luke Cage Just Cast Its Big Season 2 Villain

Luke Cage Season 2 has a release date, a great first-look trailer, and the show’s sophomore season can now boast a talented actress signing on to play a big villain. Annabella Sciorra, a recurring actress from The Sopranos and Law & Order: Criminal Intent, is jumping over to superhero TV to play a murderous mafioso Season 2. Her name is Rosalie Carbone, and she sounds as though she’ll be a thorn in the sides of both Harlem and Luke Cage, though his skin can take it. Marvel’s description for RosalieRead More

The Walking Dead Is Heading To Theaters For A Big Event

AMC has had a good thing going with The Walking Dead for the better part of a decade, and the Fear the Walking Dead spinoff has filled in some blanks of the zombie apocalypse outside of what Rick experienced starting in the pilot. Now, both The Walking Dead and the spinoff are headed to theaters for a special event called “Survival Sunday: The Walking Dead & Fear the Walking Dead” that will celebrate the upcoming crossover between the two series. The Season 8 finale of The Walking Dead and theRead More

Netflix Is Set To Go Big On News Coverage

Netflix is known for its comedy specials, dramas, films, and documentaries, but could the streaming giant one day be known for its news coverage? The world may soon find out as rumors are swirling that Netflix is looking to enter the world of news reporting in a big way. CNN and Fox News executives can relax just a little after that statement as it appears the streaming service isn’t going full 24-hour coverage and will instead start out with a weekly news magazine show. This project, which was only firstRead More

How The Big Bang Theory Paid Tribute To Stephen Hawking

This week, the world is saying farewell to one of the most brilliant minds ever to call it home, as renowned physicist and author Stephen Hawking passed away at 76, after suffering with ALS since 1963. Hawking wasn’t only celebrated within the science community, of course, as he’d carved out a comfortable spot for himself within the world of pop culture, thanks to multiple guest appearances on The Big Bang Theory, among other TV shows. To be expected, the CBS comedy’s cast and crew took to social media to shareRead More

The Wild Ways This Is Us Set Up The Big Three For Seaso…

Warning! The following contains spoilers for the Season 2 finale of This Is Us. Read at your own risk! Fans expected to be amazed, saddened, and even see old Jack during This Is Us‘ Season 2 finale, but few could’ve predicted the wild way the series would lay out the major storylines for its upcoming Season 3. Each member of the Big Three got a flash forward that showed where Season 3 will take their lives, and we can safely say we’re obsessed with every single reveal. For those whoRead More

Nina Dobrev Just Found Her First Big Show After The Vam…

Nina Dobrev made a name for herself on the small screen thanks to her role as leading lady Elena Gilbert on The CW’s The Vampire Diaries. She left that series as a regular after the end of the sixth season in 2015, and she hasn’t had a regular leading TV role since. Now, Dobrev has landed a new gig that will take her back to the small in a whole new way. Dobrev is slated to star in a multi-camera comedy pilot for CBS, called Fam. In Fam, Nina DobrevRead More