An STD Keeps Most People From Competing On The Bachelor

2 minutes ago Ever since 2002, ABC’s The Bachelor franchise has given TV viewers a very unique view of how romance can bloom, where one man (or woman, in The Bachelorette‘s case) sorts through a bevy of contestants in order to find a “true” love. But even before that initial pool of 25 or so hopefuls is finalized, a far larger group of potential contestants gets whittled down using a series of personality and medical tests. An STD exam is part of that process, and according to one former showRead More

The Weird Way Get Out Is Competing At The Golden Globes

While Get Out may have had some light moments peppered throughout the beginning, it didn’t take long for the intensity and scares to ramp up, making it puzzling why it’s not being entered as a straight drama. However, like the report said, Get Out will presumably have an easier time garnering attention if it’s entered as a comedy/musical as opposed if it had to compete against the typical fare you find in the drama categories. That being said, if Get Out does well at the Golden Globes and goes onRead More

Get Out Is Competing as a Comedy at the Golden Globes

With the end of the year rapidly approaching, that means awards season is starting to heat up, and today we have word that one of the year’s surprise box office hits could be a big awards season contender as well. Universal’s Get Out, from first-time director Jordan Peele, will compete in the comedy categories for the Golden Globes this year, which could certainly be to the movie’s advantage moving forward. This move could place Get Out, which has already been called the most profitable movie of 2017, in a positionRead More

Why One Olympic Runner Is Competing At 5 Months Pregnan…

Alysia Montano, who is originally from Queens, New York, dressed for the occasion at Hornet Stadium and wore a Wonder Woman shirt. According to Team USA, Montano said she had felt inspired to sign up for the USA Nationals when she heard Gal Gadot was five-months pregnant when she filmed certain scenes in Wonder Woman. Montano also wore flowers in her hair, and on her website, she explained why she did so, writing: Source link قالب وردپرس