The Han Solo Movie Finally Has A Title

Solo (god it feels good to just call it that) has been a troubled production for the last several months following the replacing of the original directors in the middle of filming. As such, the shooting schedule, which was supposed to wrap up by mid-summer, is just finishing up now. While the movie was delayed, the film’s release date of May 2018 wasn’t pushed back. It wouldn’t be surprising if Lucasfilm’s plan was to reveal the title once principal photography was over, except that due to the delays, that didn’tRead More

Han Solo Movie Gets 2 Unexpected Star Wars Legends Char…

Earlier today, director Ron Howard finally confirmed the title Solo: A Star Wars Story, while announcing that the Han Solo movie has wrapped production. Just before filming wrapped, the director took to social media to confirm two very surprising characters that will be brought into the Star Wars canon, Tag and Bink. Before this reveal, these characters were previously only featured in comics known as the Star Wars Legends series, (i.e. Expanded Universe), and weren’t considered part of the Star Wars canon, until now. Director Ron Howard sent out aRead More

Han Solo Movie Gets Titled Solo: A Star Wars Story

At last, Ron Howard has finally revealed the official title for the Han Solo movie. In a not at all surprising announcement, the director shared that the official title for the Star Wars standalone is Solo: A Star Wars Story. Previous reports indicated that the movie would be titled Han Solo: A Star Wars Story, which was close, but not quite there. So now, we all finally know what to call this thing when we talk about it. The director made the reveal in a short video posted to hisRead More

Han Solo Trailer Is Finished, Title to Be Revealed Soon…

If the still untitled Han Solo movie hasn’t already wrapped shooting, it should very soon. So the question on everyone’s mind is, when are we going to see the first teaser trailer for the next Star Wars spin-off? Actually, at this point, a better question is, when is Lucasfilm going to reveal the official title for the Han Solo movie? Today, we have some answers. They’re not concrete, but they’re answers. It looks like we’re going to get a title reveal “soon,” according to Jordan Maison of Cinelix. Here’s whatRead More

Han Solo Stole Greedo’s Girlfriend Says New Star Wars B…

The new Star Wars: From A Certain Point of View book is celebrating 40 years of A New Hope by filling in some of the backstory for some of the side characters in the iconic movie. The book tells 40 different stories and the latest one has to do with fan favorite character, Greedo, and what was going through his mind while he was waiting for Han Solo in the Mos Eisley Cantina. It turns out that Greedo had more than money on his mind. The Certain Point of ViewRead More

Harrison Ford Reveals If Han Solo Will Return in Star W…

For the one or two Star Wars fans who haven’t seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens, there is a big spoiler coming up right now. Han Solo (Harrison Ford) was killed by his own son, Ben Solo, a.k.a. Kylo Ren, but, as in many franchises, death is not always as final as one would think. In fact, Harrison Ford was asked in an interview last year if there was any chance Han Solo could return, stating that, “Anything is possible in space,” but now it seems he’s changed his tune.Read More

Who Ultimately Decided Han Solo’s Fate

Minds were blown when Han Solo found himself on the business end of his son’s lightsaber in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. But at the same time, this decision made some sense, considering that the space opera series usually throws a major death or two into any given trilogy in order to up the stakes for our heroes on their journey. Well, that, and Harrison Ford had wanted Han Solo dead for a long time. But ultimately, it wasn’t fate or even Ford that killed our beloved smuggler. No, accordingRead More

Why Greedo Actually Hates Han Solo, According To New Ba…

In “The Luckless Rodian,” one of the many short stories included in the 40th anniversary Star Wars literary collection From a Certain Point of View, (via Big Shiny Robot), it’s revealed that Greedo was madly in love with a woman named Uncelta, who was everything he “cherished” in a woman. Unfortunately for him, Uncelta ended up choosing Han, which was bad enough. But when Han later broke Uncelta’s heart, that enraged Greedo further, hence why he was all too willing to shoot Han in the Mos Eisley Cantina. He wantedRead More

Han Solo: Thandie Newton Is an Imperial Officer?

Ron Howard is at it again, posting pictures from the set of the still untitled Han Solo movie, but unlike most of his pictures, this one may have spilled the beans about Thandie Newton’s character in the movie. Past pictures have helped to spot some similarities between a Han Solo novel, The Paradise Snare, and the new Star Wars spin-off. But most of the other pictures have been bidding farewell to actors leaving the set or vague pictures of doom and gloom mixed with coffee shots or trash. It appearsRead More

Jabba the Hutt Teased in Latest Han Solo Set Photo?

Let it never be said that Ron Howard, or whoever runs his social media accounts, doesn’t know how to pique Star Wars fans curiosity. It remains to be seen if he can make a quality Star Wars movie out of the untitled Han Solo spin-off, but all of his posts from the set are making this a must-see for fans of a galaxy far, far away, if for no other reason than to figure out what many of them amount to. His latest tease is no different, as it containsRead More