Natalie Portman suffers ‘mummy brain’ since birth of se…

Newsdesk Natalie Portman still suffers instances of “mummy brain” since the birth of her second child. The Black Swan actress and her husband Benjamin Millepied are parents to six-year-old son Aleph and daughter Amalia, who celebrates her first birthday on 22 February (18). Juggling parenthood with her work schedule means Natalie is very busy, and she admitted in an interview with Porter magazine that she has moments of forgetfulness from time to time. “Two kids and working. It’s wonderful, but it’s a lot,” she shared. “I feel energised and IRead More

Transformers & The Mummy Lead 2018 Razzie Nominations

As per tradition, the Golden Raspberry Foundation unveiled the nominees for the 2018 Razzie Awards today, just a day before the Oscar nominations are unveiled. Leading the pack with a whopping nine nominees this year is Paramount’s critical and commercial disaster Transformers: The Last Knight, which landed a whopping nine nominations, after setting franchise low marks at the box office during its run. There are a few more contenders nipping at its heels though, with Universal’s The Mummy scoring eight nominations and Fifty Shades Darker landing seven nominations. Transformers: TheRead More

Rage of the Mummy Trailer Unwraps the Horror [Exclusive…

Were you just as excited about Tom Cruise’s The Mummy as we were, before it came out? Only to be let down in a big way? Well, the answer to all our ancient monster prayers have been answered with Rage of the Mummy. It may not have such a big budget, but what it lacks in production value, it’s making up for in sure Mummy fun. Though Universal’s Dark Universe take on The Mummy left a bad taste in our mouth, this thriller looks like the prefect antidote. Straight fromRead More

The Mummy Follow-up Bride Of Frankenstein Has Been Pull…

Although it made quite a bit of money internationally at the box office this summer, The Mummy did less well in the United States, and didn’t receive great reviews, to boot. Getting the Dark Universe off on a less-than-desirable note, some fans have begun to look to Bill Condon’s 2019 film, Bride of Frankenstein, to correct course. However, things in the Dark Universe just got a bit more confusing, as Universal has officially pulled the monster-themed love story from its schedule. So what does this mean for the future ofRead More

Disney’s Aladdin Remake Wants Mummy Actor as Jafar

Just weeks after Disney has finally found their new Aladdin in Mena Moussad, with Will Smith also coming aboard to voice the Genie, the studio has now found its main villain. Marwan Kenzari, who can currently be seen in Universal’s The Mummy, has signed on to play the nefarious Jafar. He joins a growing cast that also includes Naomi Scott as Jasmine, with Nasim Pedrad also coming aboard, to play a handmaid and friend to Jasmine. Variety broke the news on this casting earlier today, although there are no specificRead More

The Mummy –

Subhankar Mondal Just because you have Tom Cruise in the movie does not give any guarantee that it will be good. Or a success. The Mummy is neither good nor a success, or at least as big a success as it was expected to be. A reboot of The Mummy franchise with a different and new cast, the film does not live up to hype and expectations at all. Tom Cruise plays the leading role as Nick Morton, a treasure-hunting American soldier who inadvertently releases Princess Ahmanet into the world.Read More

The Mummy Is a Huge Flop That Could Cost Universal $95M

Things are not looking great for Universal’s The Mummy. The movie, which stars Tom Cruise and wound up being his biggest global opening ever ($169.3 million), is set to lose a whole lot of money for the studio, which is the absolute last thing they were hoping for. That usually goes without saying, but since The Mummy was intended to be a launching pad for Dark Universe, their shared monster movie universe, this is extra bad. So how bad is it? Well, the movie could lose as much as $95Read More

Why Sofia Boutella Licks Tom Cruise’s Face In The Mummy

Of course, it’s not a huge problem if audiences tended to laugh at this moment, as one of the secret strengths that The Mummy’s latest incarnation has is its killer sense of humor. While there was plenty of action in the film, as well as a good dose of scares, there’s a humorous streak that runs a mile long in this film. Be it Jake Johnson’s wise-cracking sidekick, Russell Crowe’s violent, yet charming Mr. Hyde, or even Tom Cruise’s generally wacky nature as Nick, there’s plenty in this film toRead More

Tom Cruise Blamed for The Mummy Tanking at the Box Offi…

Universal launched its new Dark Universe franchise with The Mummy reboot, which boasted the star-power of Tom Cruise and Russell Crowe in a world where they will bring several iconic monsters and creatures back to life, in present day. The studio didn’t quite get the results it was looking for at the domestic box office, with a lackluster debut of $31.3 million, debuting in a distant second place to Wonder Woman ($58.5 million) in its second weekend. The movie was also a dud with critics, with a paltry 16% ratingRead More

One Big Change The Mummy Should Have Made To Its Ending

20 hours ago It should be no secret by now, but The Mummy — which opened this weekend — is not a great movie. Though it’s likely to be saved by the international box office, the movie has flopped in the States, falling to the sword of the much more relevant and interesting Wonder Woman. The poor reviews and Rotten Tomatoes score aren’t helping either. The Mummy just hasn’t made the splash that Universal was clearly hoping for, and I can’t help but think that if The Mummy had atRead More