The Significant Changes Netflix Is Bringing To 13 Reaso…

Netflix has had many original shows move the needle with mainstream audiences, and few had an impact like 13 Reasons Why. The show’s story and portrayal of suicide caused a lot of controversy and discussion that, according to Netflix, resulted in some great dialogue on a tough subject matter. Netflix wants to get people talking once again when Season 2 of the series premieres, but this time around, it’s changing some things. Netflix announced additional supplementary features it will roll out alongside Season 2 that will help all viewers continueRead More

Netflix, Key & Peele and Coraline Director Team for Sto…

Just days after winning the Best Original Screenplay Oscar, Jordan Peele is reuniting with his Key & Peele co-star/co-creator Keegan-Michael Key for Netflix’s Wendell and Wild. Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key will both lend their voices to the two title characters in the stop-motion animated comedy, which will be directed by Henry Selick. This also comes less than two months after Jordan Peele proclaimed that he has retired from acting. Back in January, just a few days before the Oscar nominations were announced, Jordan Peele revealed in an interview thatRead More

Netflix Is Set To Go Big On News Coverage

Netflix is known for its comedy specials, dramas, films, and documentaries, but could the streaming giant one day be known for its news coverage? The world may soon find out as rumors are swirling that Netflix is looking to enter the world of news reporting in a big way. CNN and Fox News executives can relax just a little after that statement as it appears the streaming service isn’t going full 24-hour coverage and will instead start out with a weekly news magazine show. This project, which was only firstRead More

10 Netflix Horror Films That Viewers Couldn’t Finish

The last few years have seen the horror genre surge in a way that hasn’t been seen in a long time. Scary flicks are dominating the box office, but there’s also no shortage of excellent horror content on streaming services as well. In fact, Netflix has become the home of several terrifying scary movies that many viewers can’t even finish. That’s what we’re discussing today. Using new data provided to Bloody Disgusting about the habits of Netflix horror viewers, we’re diving into the ten horror movies that Netflix users wereRead More

How Netflix Is Trying To Get Kids Into Binge-Watching M…

Whenever people talk about all the money that Netflix is pouring into its original content library, the conversations usually revolve around the high prestige dramas like The Crown, or big budget movies, or the huge contracts that comedians and talk show hosts sign on for. Rarely does the streaming service’s slate of kids’ shows take over as the focus. But that slate is growing just as quickly as everything else, and Netflix is beta-testing a new “patch” system to get its collectable-seeking younger demographic more interesting in binge-watching. Similar toRead More

New Netflix Movie From Nightcrawler Director Will Star …

Having already co-written movies like Real Steel and The Bourne Legacy, Dan Gilroy made his directorial debut with 2014’s Nightcrawler, which starred Jake Gyllenhaal as the sinister Louis Bloom. Nightcrawler was one of the quieter theatrical successes of 2014, its accolades including being nominated for an Academy Award and a Golden Globe. Now Gilroy and Gyllenhaal are prepping for their next movie (which is rumored to be called Velvet Buzzsaw) together, which will stream exclusively on Netflix. It was already announced that one of Gyllenhaal’s costars would be Rene Russo,Read More

Why Netflix Isn’t On The Nintendo Switch, According To …

It’s been a stellar first year for the Nintendo Switch but, still, a few big holes remain in the platform’s offerings. Netflix, for example, still isn’t available on Nintendo’s home console/portable hybrid. According to a recent interview, that’s because video has not been a priority for Nintendo during the Switch’s first 12 months. The folks over at Mobile Syrup recently reported on a Q&A session with Netflix’s Scott Mirer, who is VP of the company’s device partnerships. During that chat, Syrum made it sound like Netflix is on board whenRead More

Barack Obama May Be Coming To Netflix In A Big Way

Former President Barack Obama may be directly getting into the world of show business, and a very big streaming service is wanting to lock him down. Obama, who has graced many TV programs during and after his presidency, is reportedly in serious talks with Netflix for a television deal unlike anything the world has ever seen. Netflix is reportedly prepared to pay Obama and his former First Lady Michelle Obama for a selection of exclusive content that would give the couple a global platform to continue their civic business evenRead More

Norm Macdonald Has A New Netflix Show With An A+ Title

Norm Macdonald has worn many hats throughout his career (some literal), and now he’s popping on yet another as he becomes the latest celebrity to get a Netflix series. In addition to being a series that all fans of Macdonald’s work should appreciate, the title of the series is just A+ material in terms of his humor. Get ready for fun with celebrities and a look at Norm’s life, as Norm Macdonald has a Show gears up for a Netflix release. Fans of Norm Macdonald who enjoy the comic’s webRead More

Netflix Gets Deadpool Creator’s Extreme Universe Franch…

After the massive success of Deadpool at the box office two years ago, creator Rob Liefeld is bringing his Extreme Universe comics to Netflix in a major deal. Netflix has paid seven-figures for the rights to these graphic novels, bringing in Akiva Goldsman to oversee a new writers’ room, much like how he did for the Transformers franchise and the TV series Ology. This writers room will create ideas for a series of feature films based on Liefeld’s graphic novels, that will all be connected to one another. Akiva GoldsmanRead More