Magnum P.I. May Be Getting A TV Reboot, Get The Details

Magnum P.I. might be getting a TV reboot, which would place the series back on its home network. CBS is trying to bring back one of their beloved shows, and they’ve already handed out a sizable pilot-production commitment for the cop drama that could make a new series a reality. Of course, there’s still a long way to go before this reboot gets underway, but what has been reported so far looks promising. Source link قالب وردپرس

The Hellboy Reboot Just Hired Three New Actors

Joining Alistair Petrie in the cast are Sophie Okonedo and Brian Gleeson. Okonedo has several film and television appearances under her belt, having starred in films like After Earth, Hotel Rwanda, and Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls. In Hellboy, she will play a character named Lady Hatton, a resident seer at the Osiris Club. Source link قالب وردپرس

How The Hellboy Reboot Will Differ From The Guillermo D…

For nearly a decade, Hellboy fans waited with bated breath to see if Guillermo del Toro would be able to get Hellboy III of the ground. Alas, that didn’t end up happening, and instead, the Dark Horse Comics protagonist will return to silver screen soon in a reboot starring Stranger Things star David Harbour. it’s already been made clear that this new Hellboy movie will differentiate itself from its predecessors by aiming for an R rating rather than stay in PG-13 territory, but according to Harbour, the reboot will alsoRead More

Why The Spawn Reboot Won’t Be An Origin Story, Accordin…

All you really need to know about Spawn is that his human form, Al Simmons, was a Special Ops soldier who was murdered in the line of duty — simply because he was growing a conscience. In exchange for seeing his wife again on Earth, he was turned into the disfigured Hellspawn he is today and sent back to the surface. Now as far as a comic book, or even a standard type of comic book movie is concerned, this is rich material to mine for a solid first actRead More

Spawn Reboot Won’t Be an Origin Movie

The Spawn reboot is racing towards production. The movie is slated to begin filming in February and that means Todd McFarlane has a lot of work ahead of him. The man who created Spawn, who is also making his directorial debut with the upcoming reboot, recently provided an update on the movie’s progress while speaking with Yahoo! Turns out, things are going quite well and McFarlane sounds confident as ever. Here’s what he had to say about it. “Two days ago, I sent off the last of Blumhouse’s notes, soRead More

What’s Going On With The Tron Reboot, According to Jare…

Meanwhile, Jared Leto is apparently actively talking with people about a Tron movie. While the project has been described as a reboot, if the idea for the film came from the Tron: Ascension script, and that movie still might happen, then this idea might qualify as more spinoff than reboot. Leto calls the original Tron one of his favorite movies, so it’s possible that he’ll really be pushing to make this happen. Other Tron fans will likely be happy to see some sort of Tron movie happen, even if itRead More

Classic Game Show Supermarket Sweep Is Getting A Reboot

Now that the world has seen a conglomerate team-up between Whole Foods and Amazon, on top of other big changes in the world of grocery shopping, it’ll be interesting to see what differences will show up on Supermarket Sweep. That’s assuming the producers don’t just stick to the same basic format, updating little beyond the subject matter for the early round quizzes that focus more on pop culture and store products themselves. (How many times will we hear phrases like “gluten-free” and “farm-raised” in this new iteration?) After all, theRead More

The Halloween Reboot Is Going To Ignore More Of The Seq…

John Carpenter’s comments to Stereogum during this recent Q-and-A session (if true) could have some massive implications for the overarching mythology of the Halloween franchise. For starters, it means that Michael’s body count ends with the murder of Annie, Bob, and Linda on Halloween night in 1978. He didn’t murder a hospital graveyard shift, and (perhaps most importantly) Ben Tramer is still alive. Beyond that, it also has the potential to strike his blood relationship to Laurie from the Halloween mythology because his status as her brother was not broughtRead More

Paranormal Activity Reboot Could Happen at Blumhouse

Are you ready for another reboot that may be happening just a little bit too soon? It looks like one might be on the way, if one of the chief creative minds behind the Paranormal Activity franchise has anything to say about it. That’s right, horror movie fans. It looks like Blumhouse Pictures would be open to a Paranormal Activity reboot, if writer Christopher Landon has an idea for one. Jason Blum, head of Blumhouse Productions, and Christopher Landon, are both currently out promoting Happy Death Day, which was producedRead More

Spawn Reboot Starts Filming February 2018

It looks like things are moving right along with the R-rated Spawn reboot. Todd McFarlane closed a deal over the summer with Blumhouse Productions to direct the movie, making it his directorial debut. Now, thanks to a panel at New York Comic Con, McFarlane reveals that pre-production is slated to start just after Christmas, with cameras set to roll on the low-budget Spawn in February of 2018. That means, if all goes well, we could see the movie arrive in theaters in early 2019. Deadline reports that Todd McFarlane, whoRead More