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A Homer Simpson Driver’s License Was Reportedly Used Du…

Whether it’s fully intentional or not, many people spend quite a bit of mental power on idolizing TV stars and TV characters. Whether it’s about being a perfect parent, an incredible singer, a star athlete or even a deadly criminal, fans often wish for more excitement and validation in their own lives. Now, you don’t often come across someone readily taking on the identity of The Simpsons‘ bumbling patriarch Homer, but it appears someone in the U.K. tried to pull a fast one during a recent traffic stop, offering officersRead More

Deadpool 2’s Test Screening Scores Reportedly Revealed

With three separate cinematic universes, it can be hard for comic book movies to stand out from the crowd. Then there’s Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool, which shattered expectations for what the genre could do. The fourth wall breaking romp made a ton of money on a minimal budget, and the post-credits scene all but confirmed a sequel was coming. Deadpool 2 was greenlit shortly after, although the highly anticipated sequel hasn’t been without its missteps. Director Tim Miller departed the project, and the most recent rumors were that test screenings weren’tRead More

The Stranger Things Cast Is Reportedly About To Made A …

As the old saying goes, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, and make sure it knows its worth by offering it a huge amount of money.” That seems to be the case over at Netflix’s horror hit Stranger Things, where a new round of contract negotiations has reportedly ended in some extremely lucrative payday boosts for the entire cast. For a slice of perspective on how small a project this was, as compared to how popular it is now, the younger cast members will reportedly be making over 1,100%Read More

Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez Are Reportedly On A Brea…

There could also be more to the story. According to a different source, another reason for their recent time apart might also be because of Justin Bieber’s selfishness. It has been a contributing factor to their collective woes for years, with sources claiming Justin Bieber doesn’t care about anyone but himself. This source proclaims the second Selena Gomez saw through her boyfriend’s shallowness, resulting in her distancing herself from the relationship. Clearly things aren’t going swimmingly for the two on-and-off lovers. Should they rekindle yet again, though, we’ll let youRead More

Cameron Diaz Has Reportedly Retired From Acting

Acting is one of those jobs that many actors never quit doing, so retirement rarely comes up. It’s even rarer to hear of retirement from somebody who is only 45-years-old. But such is apparently the case when it comes to Cameron Diaz. We haven’t seen the actress since she appeared in Annie back in 2014, and the reason for that is that she has apparently retired from performing. The news comes via her The Sweetest Thing co-star Selma Blair, who recently revealed that she had lunch with Cameron Diaz, andRead More

Emma Watson Is Reportedly Dating A Glee Star

Page Six got the exclusive on the new dating news. The couple hasn’t confirmed their relationship yet, but the rumors have been swirling for a few weeks. They were seen together and photographed at a concert in February. Additionally, Chord Overstreet and Emma Watson were also seen leaving the Vanity Fair Oscars party along with a group of friends, although Entertainment Tonight reported they left separately. An anonymous source for Page Six confirmed they are, indeed, a couple, although notes that Watson wants to “keep things quiet and private” betweenRead More

Two Movies Disney Is Reportedly Going To Push For The O…

The 90th Annual Academy Awards were this past Sunday, honoring the very best the film industry had to offer. While both the winners and losers from this past Sunday’s ceremony are still processing, studios are already looking forward to next year’s Oscars. It should come to no surprise that Disney is already planning which movies to put forward for consideration, and now we may know which two films the House of Mouse is putting hopes behind. Namely, the long awaited sequel Marry Poppins Returns, and Ryan Coogler’s massively successful blockbusterRead More

How The Next Battlefield Game Will Reportedly Handle Lo…

EA and DICE are not out of the woods when it comes to the whole loot box debate, no matter how much the ESRB and the ESA say that premium loot boxes aren’t gambling. Well, even though lawmakers are still prepping bills and looking to regulate the industry, EA and DICE are already talking about loot boxes for the next Battlefield game. According to USGamer, Electronic Arts and DICE will include premium loot boxes in the upcoming Battlefield game due out this fall. The game will apparently contain cosmetic-only lootRead More

World War Z 2 Has Reportedly Been Pushed Back Again

After numerous setbacks in the immediate years following World War Z‘s release, World War Z 2 was supposed to come out on June 9, 2017. However, following the departure of director J.A. Bayona in early 2016 and other behind-the-scenes troubles, it was taken off the schedule mere months before that date hit. But it hasn’t been all bad news, as last summer, it was finally confirmed not that only David Fincher is returning to direct World War Z 2, but that Brad Pitt will reprise Gerry Lane. While a scriptRead More

Luke Wilson Reportedly Saved A Woman During Recent Car …

The story, as reported by TheWrap, is that Luke Wilson, Bill Haas and three other people were in a serious car crash. One person, the driver Mark Gibello, was killed and pronounced dead at the scene, while two others, including Haas, were injured and later reportedly sent to the hospital “in critical condition.” This includes the woman reportedly saved by Wilson. Source link قالب وردپرس