Geostorm Review: 4DX Is the Only Way You Should See It

Geostorm is not an homage to the 90’s Isuzu vehicle. It is the feature film debut from Dean Devlin, the writer and producer of Independence Day. Much like that film and others in his portfolio, it is a big-budget disaster epic with state of the art visual effects. Warner Bros. did not screen Geostorm for critics. But I got a chance to see the movie as a promotional 4DX experience. This was my first time seeing anything in 4DX. It’s pretty intense, much more immersive and volatile than expected. ForRead More

Geostorm Review

Too campy to be taken seriously, but too boring to be pure fun, Geostorm embodies the worst of both, and the result is a sometimes enjoyable (but mostly bland) disaster (movie). If you have kept up with movies in 2017, then there’s a good chance that you have already heard of Geostorm. Dean Devlin’s global warming-inspired, Gerard Butler-led disaster epic has captured the imaginations of many moviegoers since the first trailer dropped — primarily in the hope that the film could live up to the campy, fun, B-movie quality promisedRead More

1922 Review

1922 is a tale of human guilt, divine consequence, and good old fashioned King-ly horror, with a performance by Thomas Jane that only solidifies his standing as one of the most underrated actors in the business. While he’s been known to be a master of the supernatural, Stephen King still has some more grounded moments in his literary showcase that are due for a good adaptation. After all, this is the man who brought us the sources The Shawshank Redemption, Stand By Me, and Apt Pupil, so he’s no strangerRead More

Tyler Perry’s Boo 2! A Madea Halloween Review

Tyler Perry’s Boo 2! A Madea Halloween is a plodding mess of a movie. Neither funny nor scary, its structural incoherency and lack of relatable characters make it nearly unwatchable. The characters of Tyler Perry’s Madea universe have endeared audiences over the course of 10 films, and it seems like the comedian has managed to stretch the boundaries of their ridiculousness with each passing movie. However, with his latest take on the spookiest of holidays, it has become abundantly clear that they may have reached their limit. Written, directed, produced,Read More

Breathe Review: Claire Foy Shines in Uplifting Tearjerk…

Motion capture legend Andy Serkis steps behind the camera for Breathe. His directorial debut is not a special effects juggernaut, but a warm and uplifting film about love conquering tragedy. Breathe is the remarkable true story of Robin Cavendish (Andrew Garfield). He transcended debilitating paralysis with the steadfast support of his loving wife, Diana (Claire Foy). Their commitment to each other, and making life better for those similarly afflicted, is a joy to behold on screen. The story begins in the late 1950’s with Robin Cavendish meeting Diana Blacker atRead More

Only The Brave Review

Though somewhat uneven at times Joseph Kosinksi’s Only the Brave is one of the most respectful and emotionally compelling true story films in recent memory. There are few American heroes more beloved than firefighters, but many people often focus on those who battle structure blazes and fail to discuss the exploits of the men and women who take on wildfires. It’s a dangerous and grueling profession, and few have ever given up more in the line of duty than the Granite Mountain Hotshots. Joseph Kosinksi’s Only the Brave tells theRead More

The Snowman Review

Even that brief summary feels loose and more complicated than it needs to be, but therein lies the major issue with The Snowman. The film feels less like a cohesive narrative than it does a collection of scenes that were thrown together in vaguely the correct order. It’s as if the screenwriters compiled all the key scenes from the original Jo Nesbø novel, wrote them first, and when they discovered they already had two hours of material, went home. This results in some of the most uneven storytelling for aRead More

The Snowman Review: So Horrible, I Wish I Could Unsee I…

The Snowman is a huge disappointment. The film is painfully slow and disjointed with a nonsensical plot. The mystery at its core seems to have been strung together with masking tape. It boggles the mind that a well-regarded source novel, fantastic cast, and veteran production team ended up with such an unmitigated disaster. It is the latest example of how great ingredients do not always lead to a tasty cake. The Snowman is abysmal at best. The Snowman takes place in present day Oslo, Norway; but flashbacks in time periodically.Read More

Thor: Ragnarok Review

Separated from his powerful hammer, stranded on a colorful garbage planet, and paired with the only fellow Avenger who makes him truly insecure, the hero has an entirely new light cast on him in this film, and he shines. The Thor movies have never been as strong as the other “solo” character adventures within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but they have do have a key weapon that allows them to ultimately work: Chris Hemsworth not only has the good looks and muscular body build for leading action blockbusters, but alsoRead More

The Evil Within 2 Review

6 minutes ago The original The Evil Within was viewed by many as a solid new entry in the somewhat underserved genre of survival horror. The game was far from perfect, but fans of tension-filled gameplay certainly found their share of it in the first game. The Evil Within 2, by comparison, does what we’ve come to expect from most game sequels, giving us more of what we loved, the tension, while tightening up much of what needed fixing the first time around. The Evil Within 2 returns us toRead More