Last-Minute Gifts, Festive Booze Buckets, and More New …

Lauren Schwartzberg

Side by Side
Two new stores for giftable socks and watches.

(Photo: Courtesy of the vendors)

510 Broadway
Buy: Some 500 socks, from pineapple prints to cushioning and sweat-wicking styles ($18).
Personalize: Choose from 12 patterns and 20 colors, plus monograms, done in 20 minutes in a downstairs room visible through the glass floor ($28).
Name-drop: Numerous styles co-designed by celebrities include one featuring basketball player James Harden’s face.

122 Prince St.
Buy: 72 watch styles including the Ultratide surfing smartwatch that detects tide and water temperature ($300).
Personalize: Choose from 16 faces, 20 leather and steel bands, and laser engraving, made right behind the counter within 45 minutes (from $125).
Name-drop: Keith Richards donated a leather jacket to be reappropriated as watchbands.

2×2: Festive Booze Buckets
For the host who wants to look serious.

(Photo: Courtesy of the vendors)

For ice: Carmen pineapple ice bucket, $70 at CB2
(451 Broadway).
For champagne: Margiela Champagne bucket, $425

(Photo: Courtesy of the vendors)

For ice: Tom Dixon plum
ice bucket, $290 at
For champagne: Bottega del Rame
grape-shaped bucket, $192

New York tribes reveal what’s at the top of their list.

(Photo: Courtesy of the vendor)

Chorus Kids

“Dress pants that actually fit me, because they make me feel professional onstage.” —Leo Hartley, 10, Brooklyn Youth Chorus ($88 at Brooks Brothers, 901 E. 20th St.)

(Photo: Courtesy of the vendor)

Sound Bathers

“We’re all into kyanite, which is this really pretty blue crystal that opens channels of spirituality and has balancing properties.” —Erica Dunn, sound-bathing regular (From $14 at Maha Rose, 97 Green St., Greenpoint.)

(Photo: Courtesy of the vendor)

Gardening-Club Ladies

“During the dead of winter, I’d most like an exquisite dahlia arrangement in an antique container from Vladimir Kanevsky.”
—Nancy Sipp, Garden Club of Lawrence ($8,000 at

(Photo: Courtesy of the vendor)

Golf-Club Guys

“Everyone wants the M1 from Taylor Made. It’s got new technology — basically, it moves weight around in the head,
to change the spin rate and optimize the launch angle.” —Brad Worthington, director at Trump Golf Links ($500 at

Cheap Store, Nice Gift
The most-expensive-looking selections from
the city’s more reasonably priced shops.

(Photo: Courtesy of the vendors)

Flying Tiger: Polka-dot quilt ($15; 920 Broadway).
Lot-Less: Men’s plaid pajamas ($20; 97 Chambers St).
Kikkerland: Brown-cow bath mat ($15; 493 Sixth Ave.).

(Photo: Courtesy of the vendors)

& Other Stories: Cutout two-tone leather gloves ($65; 505 Fifth Ave.).
Muji: Wool shawl with armholes ($70; 475 Fifth Ave.).
Sunrise Mart: Japanese soap made of moisturizing milk fat ($3; 494 Broome St.).

Ask a Shop Clerk
Nate Borne is the U.S. manager of
Snow Peak, a Japanese outdoors brand that just opened in Soho (59 Crosby St.).

(Photo: Courtesy of the vendor)

(Photo: Illustration by Murphy Lippincott)

How is camping different
in Japan?

“In America, people usually camp because they’re doing another outdoor activity like canoeing, so we’ll spend $1,000 on the canoe, but the tent is $150 from Walmart. In Japan, camping is the activity. They don’t actually do anything but cook and hang out, so they’ll spend all their money on gear — like our titanium sake bottle ($180) and cups ($35) — which has to look elegant while also being smart enough to pack small and fit in Tokyo’s limited spaces and small cars. We have a bamboo table (from $330) that folds in half and will slide underneath your futon in a single action, which actually does really well in New York apartments too.”

Last-Minute Gifts
Twenty-four-hour stores and craft-beer delivery for when it’s 7 p.m. and the Secret Santa swap is tomorrow morning.

(Photo: Courtesy of A Healthier Michigan/Flickr)

From $10
A farm-fresh basket
filled with berries, grapes, and
melon from Sunset Park’s Rossman Farms, open 24/7 (770 Third Ave.).

(Photo: Courtesy of the vendor)

A bouquet of silver brunia, succulents, or mums wrapped in chartreuse burlap, delivered in an hour via bike messenger (

(Photo: Courtesy of the vendor)

From $260
A selection of domestic craft beers like Smuttynose
Robust Porter; bottles can also
arrive staggered throughout the year (

(Photo: Courtesy of the vendor)


A pair of Sideshow Collectible Hot Toys of Chewbacca and Han Solo from Neergaard Pharmacies,
open 24/7 (454 Fifth Ave.).

(Photo: Courtesy of the vendor)


A Weber stainless-
steel natural-gas grill

from Nuthouse
, open 24/7
(202 E. 29th St.).

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