Petition Builds Against French President Macron’s First…

Alastair Jamieson and The Associated Press

LONDON — Campaigners in France are claiming a victory after more than 300,000 people signed a petition against President Emmanuel Macron’s plans to enshrine in law a formal first lady role for his wife, Brigitte.

Like the U.S., France does not have an official title for the presidential spouse but they are often informal champions for charitable causes. Past presidential wives have had administrative assistants at the Elysee palace in Paris , as well as security protection.

Centrist Macron wants to formalize that role, setting out precise costs to the French taxpayer and publishing information about her access to presidential staff. He made clear Brigitte would not receive a public salary, but many French voters are leery of U.S. style politics and Americanisation of their politics.

Image: Brigitte Macron

Brigitte Macron, wife of the French President, smiling ahead of the start of the annual Bastille Day military parade.