Watchdog: Pentagon Should Declassify Report on Afghan M…

Courtney Kube

The U.S. government’s Afghanistan watchdog has asked the Pentagon to declassify a report about alleged sexual abuse of children by members of the Afghan security forces.

The request is noted in the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction’s latest quarterly report, which also says that violence has increased by 21 percent since March 1 and that revenues produced by the country’s opium crop doubled between 2015 and 2016, topping more than $3 billion.

The classified report on sexual abuse, which SIGAR recently issued to Congress, deals with how the U.S. military and State Department are implementing laws that prohibit the government from providing aid to another nation’s security forces if there is credible information that human rights have been violated.

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“At the request of a bipartisan, bicameral group of 93 members of Congress, SIGAR this quarter issued a report to Congress on DOD and State’s implementation of the Leahy Laws in Afghanistan,” says SIGAR’s quarterly report. “Because DOD has classified much of the information on which the SIGAR report is based, the report is classified. SIGAR has requested that DOD declassify the report so that it can be released to the public.”

Image: U.S. Troops Walk from a Chinook helicopter in Uruzgan Province

U.S. troops walk from a Chinook helicopter on July 7, 2017 in Uruzgan province, Afghanistan.